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About 918Kiss2 | Malaysia android APK download 2021-2022

The APK installation package you downloaded is all from the original. After clicking the link, it will select the installation package suitable for your phone and download it automatically.

Currently, the mobile devices android/iphone ios/pc computer/laptop/windows/mod supported by the game are basically supported. Make sure your device is the latest version.

General game developers have launched demo/test id, so you can try to log in to test id and enjoy its free credits, and then consider whether to continue.

If you want to know the game from the picture, you can search for the game name png jpg gif logo icon wallpaper in Google, and there will be a lot of pictures for you to view after searching.

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I want to register my own account username and password. I must find a reliable agency company to register. After completion, log in to your account to enjoy your journey.

If you want to become an agent, you must have strong funds, and then you must find an agent to register and you will be offline. Log in to your kiosk to start your business.

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Many on the market are called official game companies, but they are not real. Specifically, they all use this name to scream. The real official

company does not exist and has no physical business. Is an agent company.


General agent company customer service uses Whatsapp, Telegram to contact customers, and you can contact the agent company if you find the contact number of the agent company.

You can find some claim free credit/bonus in some facebook groups, and you will get points for completing their tasks.

What are the deposit methods, such as:

  • ATM cash deposit, ATM transfer, Online Transfer, GIRO Transfer, Auto deposit, Help2pay, Eeziepay,, Alipay, Boostpay, Bigpay, Favepay, Grapay, Hotwallet, Kiple, MCash, MyMy, Mpay, Aeon wallet, Touch n go, Wechat pay , Fasspay, Tapay, Upay, Qbpay, Razerpay, Reload card Digi topup, Maxis, XOX, Celcom, Umobile or more.

So what are the withdrawals/cuci, such as:

  • Cash deposit, Online transfer, auto withdraws or more.

Where can I get daily tips game easy win, you can search for keywords on youtube.

The list of countries currently supported by the game: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar

Game list:


Usually you will encounter some game problems. You can read the FAQ section above. There are solutions to these problems such as disabled to download/under maintenance/update upgrade.

If you encountered scammer/tipu/menipu, you must submit a report to the relevant department.

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If you want to find more information and news about the game, you can find it on some social media. Facebook, twitter, and instagram have everything in the big social media